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An Adorable Cat Sanctuary Greenhouse Exists In Canada And You've Gotta Go

There are so many cats to love 😻
An Adorable Cat Sanctuary Greenhouse Exists In Canada And You've Gotta Go

We love animals here in Canada. There's a huge sense of national pride for animals like the beaver, the moose, and the Canadian goose. We put dogs in airports to help calm down anxious travellers and we flock to cat cafes in droves to spend time with kittens! 

There's a hidden cat paradise in B.C. that's an absolute must-see for Canadian animal lovers. The Regional Animal Protection Society (RAPS) runs a Cat Sanctuary in Richmond that's a safe home for hundreds of rescued cats and kittens. This place is unbelievably adorable and you don't even have to be a great lover of cats to be impressed by this setup!

The sanctuary is more than just one building. It's actually a compound of several buildings and courtyards. It's like a Club Med for cats! There's a fenced outdoor space that looks like a greenhouse where the cats are free to wander the gardens, get fresh air, and lie in the sun. 

If you're looking for a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon or looking to add a furry addition to your family, then you have to check out the RAPS cat sanctuary. 

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This sanctuary is perfect for people who want to have cats but they just can't. It's notoriously difficult to find an apartment that allows pets in Vancouver. Plus, lots of people have allergies to cats and dogs that make it impractical to own one as a pet. You're also going to meet a lot of other fellow-cat lovers at the sanctuary, so you'll have a friend to help you take lots of cute photos! 

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Although there are adoptable cats here at the shelter, the majority of them are less likely to be adopted because they are older or have behaviour issues. All of the cats are well taken care of at this volunteer-run organization. By visiting the no-kill shelter and making a donation, you help care for the sweet animals who call this place home.

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The RAPS Cat Sanctuary is open to the public every Sunday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. It's located at  3380 No 6 Road in Richmond, just a 25-minute drive from Vancouver.

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