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An All-Matcha Cafe Is Opening Up In Richmond This Week

The famous Japanese Matcha company is here at last 🍵

If there was a competition for bubble tea capital of the world, then I'm certain that Vancouver would be at the top of the list! We have so many incredible places to get Asian desserts, sweets, and teas of all kinds. This week, there's a new-comer to the Vancouver Asian cafe scene and it's going to create quite the buzz. 

Tsujiri is an all-matcha cafe specializing in teas and treats featuring bright-green matcha. The company has been around for over 155 years and originates from Japan! They use only high-quality, finely powdered matcha. It has a clean, sweet and earthy flavour that they showcase across all of their menu items! This will be the first Tsujiri location in British Columbia, but there are others across Canada where they serve everything from impossibly wobbly thick matcha pancakes and soft-serve to matcha-creme filled choux pastries and tea lattes. They even serve savoury foods, too!

Anyone who loves matcha, Japanese sweets and colourful Insta-worthy food will definitely want to be first in line to check this place out. It's opening on Valentine's Day this year so you can bring your date or your bestie along with you for a fun way to celebrate the most romantic day of the year!

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Richmond Tsujiri is opening on Valentine's Day this Thursday, February 14th. You can find it in at 9251 Alderbridge Way at Central at Garden City in Richmond and they're set to open at 2 p.m.—just in time for some matcha to perk up your afternoon slump!

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