A Wild 'Project X'-Style Mansion Party With Helicopters & "Supercars" Took Over A Small Canadian Village (VIDEOS)

This party looked wild.
A Wild 'Project X'-Style Mansion Party With Helicopters & "Supercars" Took Over A Small Canadian Village (VIDEOS)

A real-life Project X style house party made a special appearance in a small Canadian village this past weekend, and it's definitely left an impression. An Anmore house party with helicopters and supercars took place last weekend and the mayor is furious over it. The small BC village in Metro Vancouver is usually known as more of a sleepy town, but all of that changed for one wild night this past weekend. 

Justin Plosoz was the organizer behind this massive party. He is the owner of Public Relations Canada and a Social Influencer, according to his Instagram bio.

"In the words of Jordan Belfort 'Nailed It'," he wrote in one of his Instagram posts of the event. According to him, the party consisted of the following:

  • "333 people
  • 8 cops
  • 7 supercars
  • 6 cop cars
  • 5 hyper cars
  • 3 helicopters
  • 2 ambulances
  • 1 Firetruck
  • 1 SWAT
  • And a Ploszy in a partree"

He posted several photos and videos of the party, and from the looks of it, things got rowdy. Some of the content has gone viral – one video of the party has gotten over 225,000 views since it was posted on Instagram yesterday. 

However, some residents were not exactly excited about a huge house party taking place in their quiet neighbourhood. The mayor of Anmore has even spoken up about the event. 

"This is a pretty tranquil, quiet community ... then the phone calls started coming ... my neighbour's got helicopters landing in their backyard," he told CBC News

"To have these exotic cars racing up and down the street; this is a street where kids play road hockey and throw the frisbee around, so it's very concerning to us."

Check out footage from the party below. 

The organizer has spoken up on the party. He said that it never got out of control. One party goer did overdose. "I had 100 per cent control of the party the whole time. I had security booked, clean-up crew,” he said to News1130. “With that many people, something’s going to happen, and everything was dealt with professionally in a timely matter.

“Everybody was out of the house by about 10:30, which is unbelievable – people started cleaning up.”

The organizer has also said that another big party like this one is coming, but next time it'll be at a different venue and not in the same village. 

“We’re going to do another big one, we’re trying to promote the next big one. We have a couple publicity stunts in mind,” he told News1130.

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