Imagine you’re out for a nice walk at the beach by the ocean. Sounds like a great day doesn’t it?  Then suddenly you find a severed human foot still in its shoe. No body or anything else, just the foot inside a shoe. 

Well that’s what happened in B.C. earlier this week, and it’s not even the first time that is has happened.  

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Earlier this week a human foot was found inside of a hiking boot on Gabriola Island in B.C., the RCMP are investigating where it came from but what’s more odd is that this actually happens A LOT in the province. 

As you can see from the map below there are a lot of human feet that have washed up all over the province.  

Via British Columbia Coroner’s Service

This foot is now at least the 13th foot to appear somewhere on the B.C. coastline since 2007. 

While you may think ‘oh god what kind of sick serial killer is doing this?’ that doesn’t actually seem to be what most people think is happening.

Suicides and drownings are common around water and appendages like feet often disconnect from the body after soaking in water for a while.  

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Shoes also allow the feet to stay in a little package or sorts where it’s harder for aquatic life to eat them than something like hands. 

So if you’re living in areas of B.C. where body parts have washed up on the shore, you probably don’t need to worry about a serial killer.  

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But you may need to keep an eye out for random human feet appearing on your ocean beach. 

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