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You Can Hike Through These Eerie Volcanic Caves Close To Vancouver This Fall

Not for those who get spooked easily 👻
You Can Hike Through These Eerie Volcanic Caves Close To Vancouver This Fall

Bored of the Grouse Grind? Nothing interesting going on at the Squamish Chief? There's a challenging spooky cave hike in Washington that you have to check out if you love to explore the Pacific North West.

The Mount St. Helens Ape Cave Lava Tube is a six-hour drive from Vancouver and it's one of the most unique hikes you'll ever experience. This is a perfect fall road trip this year to get in the mood for the spooky Halloween season. Plus, it's a three-hour drive away from Seattle, so you can check out the city on your trip!

This dimly-lit Ape Cave is actually a lava tube that was created about 2000 years ago and it's strikingly unique. You can descend the staircase and look back at the cave entrance, lined with moss.

For Lord of the Rings nerds, it will feel like you're going into the Mines of Moria. Make sure to bring flashlights or even headlamps with you to make the most out of the hike. 

The lower Ape Cave is a short and easy hike. The upper cave is more challenging and can take about three hours to complete. You'll have to climb over boulder piles and scramble up a lava fall that's eight-feet-tall! Definitely bring sturdy hiking shoes, extra flashlights, and warm clothes with you on this hike.

You're not allowed to touch the cave walls because the slime that lives on the walls is actually important to the ecosystem inside the cave, so you don't want to disturb their food source. Plus, you're not allowed to collect rocks or take anything home with you. So be aware of these notes if you decide to take on this spooky volcanic hike this fall.

Ape Caves

Price: Free!

Address: Ape Cave, Washington 98616, USA

Why You Need To Go: Explore eerie volcanic caves just over the border from Vancouver and spook yourself on this amazing hike!

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