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This Stunning Vancouver Office Building Could Be The Future Home Of Apple

The building is inspired by Japanese paper lanterns.

According to new reports, Apple is the latest company that plans to open an office in one of Vancouver’s most exciting new developments, and the pictures of the new property look pretty incredible! The California-based company will reportedly be joining a number of esteemed businesses in the 24-storey office building, that is being referred to as the “futuristic tower.”

The stunning building, which is scheduled to be completed next year, is said to be inspired by a Japanese paper lantern, which is reflected by the tower’s “rotating stack of enormous glassy cubes.”

It will be a pretty huge development, as it is expected to be approximately 367,000 square feet in size! Apple is believed to be taking up two floors of the new 24-storey building, while Deloitte Canada is reported to be taking the top 10 floors and Spaces will also be renting a considerable amount of floors for office space in the building.

If this wasn’t attractive enough as an office space, Apple will also have some pretty big-time neighbours. Just across the road from the new development is the new location of Amazon, who are re-developing the “bunker-like” building across the street. It is soon to become the company’s 416,000-square-foot base.

According to the website for the architects designing the space, the building will “capture the sweeping views of the surrounding city” while the spaces in between the “enormous glassy cubes” will be “filled with greenery” which will be “a striking presence that closes the distance with the mountainous backdrop.”

Pictures of the development's construction have already appeared on social media, and it seems like work is in full swing in Vancouver to get the tower ready.

In 2015 Apple moved their Canadian HQ to Toronto, basing themselves on the outskirts of Toronto, not far from their flagship Eaton Centre store.

On the official Apple website, their Canadian headquarters is listed as being located at 120 Bremner Boulevard in Toronto.