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BC Chalet For Sale With An Indoor Pool Looks Like A Castle (PHOTOS)

I'll be in the bath tub by the fire place.

Ever dream of living in a castle? In Canada, castles are few and far in between but that doesn't stop us from daydreaming. We found a chalet-themed B.C. castle for sale that is totally unreal. Located in Whistler less than a two-hour drive away from Vancouver, this castle is the most insane ski-in-ski-out home on the market.

This Whistler castle is selling for a staggering $14,900,000 and it's perched on the edge of a cliff like all good mansions are. There are four levels to this home including the bottom level with a swimming pool. If you just feel like chilling, you could also soak in the hot tub outside on the deck and admire the view of the mountains.

An average mortgage for a place like this would be just over 50,000 per month which is probably slightly more than you pay for rent right now. 

If you prefer your mansions with an ocean view, there are a ton of gorgeous properties you can drool over in Victoria. Or, if you'd actually like to look at a home that's actually within the realm of possibility, there are tiny houses for sale for $100,000.

It's this Whistler chalet castle that takes the cake though and it's a dream home for anyone who loves the mountains and wants to live close to the hills.

Inside, the home really feels like a chalet castle amidst the mountains with giant pieces of timbre inside. The home is massive and you could even split it with your ten closest friends and live happily ever after in the mountains together.

There are six bedrooms and eight bathrooms including this one with the bathtub right across from a fireplace. Finally, you won't be chilly when you step out of the tub!

Downstairs, the home becomes basically its own rec centre with a pool, bar and home theatre. There are basically zero reasons to ever leave this house, except to go skiing on the nearby mountains. You can view the full listing online.

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