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BC Coroners Service Looking To Identify Another Deceased Human Foot Found In West Vancouver

15th human foot found in BC since 2007, BC Coroners need help identifying it.

In a surprising report, the BC Coroners Service is currently looking to identify a human foot that has washed up on shore in West Vancouver. The coroner's service is now turning to the public in hopes of positively identifying the individual the foot belongs to, as well as finding out what happened. 

According to the BC Government, the foot was found inside of a shoe. The shoe and the foot were both found along the shoreline at the 30th Street beach access just south of Marine Drive and 30th Street in West Vancouver. The foot allegedly washed up in September 2018, and now investigation teams are attempting to ID the individual that the foot belongs to. 

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A series of tests were conducted including DNA analysis. Although all the appropriate tests were conducted, no DNA match was found with any of the profiles on file for missing persons. The test did, however, confirm that the foot was from a male. 

Via BC Government

The BC Coroners Service is now turning to the public for any information. Anyone who may have information regarding the shoe or to whom it may belong to is asked to come forward and speak. 

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The shoe is described as a light fry Nike Free RN shoe with a black Nike swoosh logo. The base of the shoe is white with white laces, and the sock inside is blue. According to the BC Coroners Service, the shoe was a men’s U.S. size 9.5 with an OrthoLite insert. It is believed that the shoe was manufactured between February 1 and April 17, 2017. It should also be noted that the shoe was in relatively new condition at the time it was found. 

Based on the bone structure of the foot, the corners service has determined that the age at death was under 50. 

Via BC Government

Although a scary find, it is by far the first. In fact, this is the 15th human foot found on a BC shoreline since August 2007. Of those found feet, 10 have been matched to missing persons. The other five still remain unidentified. 

Via BC Government

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Anyone with information is encouraged to come forward and speak to the BC Coroners Service at 1(877)660-5077. You can also call the West Vancouver Police at (604)925-7300. 

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