Living in a city it can feel like you're on the cutting edge of society. It's not often that we get a beat in our busy lives to think about the history of the land around us and those that came before. The most surreal experience you can have is to visit a BC ghost town and see actual physical evidence of people who lived lives long before there were Instagram stories. 

There's a ghost town not too far from Vancouver where you can explore the abandoned logging settlement. Parkhurst Ghost Town is in Whistler just across the lake from the Sea to Sky Highway. You might have been driving past it for years not knowing that it was there!

You should definitely take the trip up to Whistler this summer to see this place! It's an easy 5 KM hike to reach the site and once you're there you are treated to spectacular views of Green Lake. Here you'll discover a trail network that winds and loops like a spider's web around the ghost town and there are abandoned buildings (mostly collapsed) and tractors all over to discover.

Parkhurst was build in 1936 and officially abandoned in 1966. Up to 70 people lived here at its peak! Today, graffiti covers what's left of the buildings and hikers love to come up here in the summer months to check out what's left of the old town. It really makes you wonder if someone will be wandering in your own abandoned apartment one day!

Whether or not there are actual ghosts here at Parkhurst remains to be seen, but it's still an awesome last-minute road trip idea for the summer. 

Parkhurst Ghost Town

Address: Whistler, BC V0N 1B7

Why you need to go: Just a road trip and a short hike from Vancouver, this ghost town is rife with history and spookiness