This BC Baker Is Magically Transforming Her Shop Into Harry Potter's Honeydukes For Halloween

Calling all Harry Potter foodies.
Just Cakes Bakeshop Honeydukes

There's a lot to love about Harry Potter, but one part I dreamed about the most when I was a kid was that sweets cart that was on the Hogwarts Express. What is a pumpkin pasty? Does it taste as amazing as it sounds? There's a crazy B.C. Harry Potter Halloween party happening that's a must-see for anyone who is a fan of sweets. 

Just Cakes is popular bakery in B.C. close to Vancouver that's going to magically transform into a Harry-Potter inspired Honeydukes sweet shop on Halloween. Bakery owner and head pastry chef Raveena Oberoi said in an email to Narcity that she's a massive fan of Halloween and has wanted to do a Harry Potter-inspired event for a long time.

"I absolutely love Halloween! Not only is it my favourite holiday, but it's also my birthday. I love that it allows people to play and become whoever they want," she said.

"I'm fond of the idea of magic, witchcraft, and all things Harry Potter," Oberoi said. In order to celebrate the most magical day of the year, which is Halloween and the baker's birthday, they're going to transmogrify into Honeydukes and serve up a magical all Harry Potter menu.

In an Instagram post, Just Cakes bake shop said, "we will transform into Honeydukes and give you ALL of the HARRY POTTER inspired goodies."

Guests are encouraged to show up in their costumes and they'll even earn extra house points.

We're crazy about all kinds of Harry Potter events like pop-up bars, but this pop-up version of Honeydukes sounds like the perfect way to celebrate Halloween for a Harry Potter fan with a sweet tooth.

The magical menu sounds amazing and it's full of surprises. Expect cupcakes in flavours like pumpkin pasty, butterbeer and sorting hat cupcakes that have a secret coloured filling that will sort you into your Hogwarts house.

There will also be specialty desserts like The Golden Snitch, the Remembrall, Chocolate Frogs, Treacle Tarts and a ton of other Harry Potter-inspired goodies. You can even pick up a pack of Bertie's Every Flavor Bean macarons.

If you're able to make it out to Just Cakes in Surrey for Halloween, you have to treat yourself this October. Can't get enough Harry Potter-inspired treats? Check out the deliciously magical Harry Potter high tea you can get in Vancouver.

Honeydukes Halloween

Price: Free

When: Thursday, October 31 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Address: Just Cakes Bakeshop, #5-7548 120 St, Surrey, BC

Why You Need To Go: Harry Potter fans who have a sweet tooth will love this chance to go to Honeydukes.

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