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BC Is Going To Get Hit By A Snowstorm This Week And Here's All The Info

The weather in BC has us shook.
BC Is Going To Get Hit By A Snowstorm This Week And Here's All The Info

The sun was shining and it was like 20 degrees just last week in Vancouver. Summer is still officially in effect until September 22 in the Northern Hemisphere, so we do not want to believe that the season is already coming to a halt. 

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It's probably one of the last provinces you expected to already be hit by snow, but it's true. BC is expecting snowfall as soon as this week. Winter sure kicked summer out of our skies. 

It's not just going to be a light snowfall that hits BC, but from four to 10 centimetres of snow is expected. The northeastern part of British Columbia will be the recipients of this winter weather. 

There are currently snowfall warnings for the South Peace Region and along Highway 97 between Pine Pass and Chetwynd in British Columbia from Environment Canada. There are also special weather statements for the Fort Nelson and Muncho Lake regions. 

BC is one of the Canadian provinces, alongside Alberta and Saskatchewan that is expected to receive snowfall this week. Toronto is still experiencing 20 something degree weather. 

So long summer, because it seems like an Indian summer is not in the weather plans for us this year. 

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