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BC Man Charged With 70 Offences Following A String Of Sexually Harassing Phone Calls Targeting Elderly And Vulnerable

A BC man has been charged 70 times following a string of sexual phone calls to women.
BC Man Charged With 70 Offences Following A String Of Sexually Harassing Phone Calls Targeting Elderly And Vulnerable

Over a span of six months, a Canadian man has been sexually harassed a number of women through telephone calls. Now, that BC man is being charged with 70 offences following the string of sexual phone and video calls. Even though the phone calls were threatening in nature, the man will not receive any jail time. 

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Law enforcement has arrested and charged a BC resident with a large number of charges following a string of inappropriate and sexual phone calls that targeted women. Joel Perry, a Qualicum Beach resident, has been arrested and charged with 70 offences following a string of harassing phone calls he made to a number of women throughout BC.

According to CBC, these phone calls were made during a six month period between November 2017 and April 2018. These phone calls and video chats all targeted women across the province. Police have come forward to describe the interactions as harassment that were threatening and indecent in nature.  

Police have stated that Perry targeted women throughout the province. While a majority of the incidents took place in the Lower Mainland, calls have been reported throughout all province. Many of the calls targeted the vulnerable and elderly. 

"These incidents were very disturbing for the victims, many of whom were traumatized and felt unsafe in their own homes," Staff Sgt. Kirk Duncan of the Surrey RCMP General Investigation Unit said after Perry's arrest.

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Perry was first arrested in May of 2018 following the events. Officers have disclosed that the investigation was “complex and technical.” During the court hearing on Monday in Surrey, Judge Peder Gulbransen said he put “critical importance” on Perry not continuing this behaviour following the arrest. According to the Terrace Standard, the judge also described Perry's motivation for the calls as "a real mystery."

In court, defence counsel stated that Perry's behaviour was due to his pain from a difficult childhood. According to the defence counsel, Perry was allegedly abandoned by his parents where he then experienced abuse and neglect in an orphanage before being adopted. He also noted that Perry was remorseful for his actions and wanted to assure his female victims that they have nothing to fear moving forward. 

Since the incidents, Perry has been charged with 70 offences and has been handed an 18-month conditional sentence. Perry must follow a number of conditions including a curfew for the first nine months of his 18-month sentence. The BC Prosecution Service has stated that Perry will have limited internet and cellphone access with restrictions. Perry is also not allowed to connect with any of his previous victims. 

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The 70 offences include 31 counts of harassing indecent phone calls, 18 counts of criminal harassment, 13 counts of uttering threats, and eight counts of extortion. According to CBC, the conditional sentence will be followed by three years of probation. 

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