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BC Man Was Brutally Attacked By A Grizzly Bear And The Story Is Terrifying

Bella Coola man, Jordan Carbery was attacked by a grizzly bear on Tuesday.
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BC Man Was Brutally Attacked By A Grizzly Bear And The Story Is Terrifying

Canada is known to be the home to thousands of grizzly bears. 

Most Canadians are fortunate to say that even though we live in the land of the bears, we've never actually encountered a grizzly before. Unfortunately, a man from BC can't say the same.

A senior park ranger named Jordan Carbery from Bella Coola was attacked by a female grizzly bear on Tuesday. 

Here's the crazy story...

Jordan Carbery claims he spotted some movement outside of his house in the early morning last Tuesday. When he went outside, he says that he saw a few baby cubs in his cherry tree. After one cub fell out of the tree, it caught the attention of the mama bear.

Carbery told Global News, "I looked over to see a sow grizzly bear looking right at me and heading straight for me." 

Via Jordan Carbery |

As soon as he tried to run back into the house, he was attacked by the bear. 

He claims that it felt like "two football players tackling me."

What happened next was crazy. The bear managed to sink put Carbery's head into his mouth and picked him up by it! He says, "My scalp tore and it dropped me,".

A struggle ensued, the bear picked him up again and dropped him again. Carbery claims that he kicked the bear in the face at least three times. He also stated that the bear "was like a prize boxer. She was so fast."

At some point, he managed to get away from the bear and back into his home, but the story doesn't end there. 

Due to the remoteness of this area of Bella Coola, he didn't have cell service, so he was forced to drive himself to the hospital. 

As he ran out to his car to drive to the hospital, the bear charged at him again! 

Fortunately, he was able to make it to the car and quickly drove to the hospital. 

Carbery talked about how he was covered in blood and eh was seriously concerned that the bear had split his abdomen open. He really believed that his "guts were hanging out". He remembers holding his arm over his stomach and thinking to himself, "Don't pass out, don't pass out". 

Carbery has multiple injuries, including a torn scalp, several puncture wounds in his leg and a damaged abdomen. 

After arriving at his local hospital, he was safely transferred to a hospital in Vancouver. He's now recovering at Vancouver General Hospital. 

Source:Global News

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