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B.C. Residents Are Beyond Confused About The Fake U.S. Border Crossing That Just Popped Up In Surrey

A new border crossing popped up in Surrey, BC complete with road signs and everything. While the new crossing had a lot of drivers confused and slowing down, it turns out it is just part of a movie set. 

A film crew is using the make-shift crossing in a new movie based on the Timmy Failure books and the film's director has some A-list credits under his belt. 

Drivers slowing down to look at the mystery, “Border Crossing” on 192nd St. about six blocks north of the real border in #Surrey @GlobalBC

27 June 2018

The movie is directed by Tom McCarthy, who has also directed Spotlight and two episodes in season one of the controversial yet popular Netflix show 13 Reasons Why. 

This new movie is based on the Timmy Failure books, which follow the story of a an 11-year-old detective who is so bad he is good and his imaginary polar bear sidekick. 

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Many drivers who saw the new crossing were obviously confused by the new structure, especially given its location. While Surrey is a border town, this new crossing set was on 8th Avenue which is a little north of the border. On top of that Surrey is already home to the Pacific Highway crossing and Douglas Port of Entry.

According to film crews, the set is temporary and should be taken down soon. 

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The Timmy Failure movie is primarily filming in Portland, where they have put out a casting call for extras over the summer. 

Source: Global News

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