Even though real estate in B.C. can be out of reach for many, that doesn't stop us from dreaming of having a place of our own. You can get a B.C. tiny home that would make the perfect house for a minimalist on the go. You could even conceivably pay for the home with your current job in this lifetime, which is more than can be said for many of the multi-million dollar listings in the province.

We found an adorable tiny home for sale in Cumberland, B.C. about a 4-hour drive from Vancouver for less than $100,000. That's a figure that seems actually accomplishable, seeing as though it's hard to find a house in Vancouver less than $1 million.

The home is actually built on a trailer so you can bring it with you wherever you roam. Tiny home life is perfect if your work is location independent or if you just want to save up and travel across the country. You can park this home at your parent's house or at camping grounds and RV parks basically anywhere.

The tiny home is for sale for $71,500 making it way more affordable than your average house. These days, it's often cheaper to buy your own private island than a house in B.C.

Inside, the home is bright, spacious and everything is brand new. It's the ideal starter home that's easy on the wallet. Curious if you can live in a tiny home? Check out inside and see if it's got what you need:

This tiny home is totally adorable with a sunny yellow front door and dark blue siding. There are plenty of windows so the home is bright inside and the sleeping loft upstairs is especially cute.

The kitchen is pretty sizable and has a full-sized fridge. There are plenty of shelves, storage and electrical outlets to make it basically a fully-functioning kitchen you'd expect in an average-sized house. Plus, there's an adorable tiny wood stove that's perfect for staying toasty on cold nights inside the tiny home.

The sleeping loft looks crazy cosy and the bathroom seems surprisingly comfortable. This place has everything you need in a home at the fraction of the size and cost.

Living in a tiny home in B.C. is kind of like glamping 24/7. It seems like a fun and unique lifestyle especialy if you've always dreamed of being a digital nomad. Check out the full tiny home listing to find out more. 

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