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BC University Ranks Among Top Sugar Baby Schools In Canada

This BC University was ranked among the top sugar baby schools in Canada.

A large majority of sugar babies are enrolled as post-secondary students. One BC university was ranked among the top sugar baby schools in Canada according to a very popular sugar baby website. 

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Sugar babies are complex and there is no one way to define them. Each sugar baby has their own unique set of rules and parameters that they set in order to make it the best arrangement for them. Basically, what it comes down to is the notion that an individual, male or female, will give a monetary allowance to another individual. 

This allowance will be determined beforehand and will be discussed amongst the two parties. Conditions may come along with the allowance such as trips, dates, companionship, or whatever the sugar baby feels comfortable doing. 

This cash for services mentality has grown in popularity in the millennial generation. When it becomes nearly impossible to pay tuition or rent, an option like this seems lucrative. 

According to a recent study conducted by SeekingArrangements, a sugar baby website, a popular BC university sits among the top sugar baby schools in Canada for the growing number of sugar babies in attendance. 

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The University of British Columbia was ranked on that list. UBC came in at 7th place out of the top 20 Canada universities. According to the Vancouver Sun, 121 University of British Columbia students signed up to become a sugar baby in 2018. Overall, a total of 359 UBC students have been on the website.

SeekingArrangement’s CEO Brandon Wade has sited a 40% tuition increase over the last decade. Because of this increase in tuition, sugar baby arrangements have flourished and become very popular amongst Canadian university students.

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Wade claims that to date, 300,000 Canadian university students have registered on the site. Of those sugar babies, the average allowance is typically $2,925 a month. 

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The complete list of the top 20 Canadian universities is as follows: 

  1. University of Toronto 
  2. York University 
  3. University of Waterloo
  4. McGill University 
  5. Carleton University 
  6. University of Alberta 
  7. University of British Columbia 
  8. University of Saskatchewan 
  9. University of Guelph 
  10. University of Ottawa 
  11. University of Winnipeg 
  12. University du Quebec a Montreal 
  13. University of Fraser Valley 
  14. Ryerson University 
  15. Vancouver Island University 
  16. Laval University 
  17. University of Western Ontario 
  18. Queen’s University 
  19. Dalhousie University 
  20. Simon Fraser University