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Canadian Woman Goes Viral For Saving Small Skunk's Life (VIDEO)

This BC woman saved a skunk's life after it got his head stuck in a plastic cup.

Thankfully this story has a happy ending. A poor little skunk in BC was just trying to get a snack when he got his head stuck in a Burger King cup. Luckily, a helpful woman nearby was able to successful remove the plastic cup from his head before letting him scurry on his way. The entire incident was filmed and posted online to demonstrate to the public the harmful effects of littering. 

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A woman from Mission, British Columbia is a modern day hero after helping save a little skunk. Tanya Krasuin, a Mission resident, recently saved a little skunk's life after he got his head stuck in a fast food restaurant cup. Not only did she save his life, but she also took a video of the entire incident and posted it to Facebook for the world to see how harmful garbage can be to animals. 

In her Facebook post, Krasuin claims that she has always been a big advocate when it comes to not littering and disposing of garbage correctly. Now, her point has been made even more clear after having an encounter with a skunk that got his head stuck in a Burger King cup. 

According to the video posted by Krasuin, she got to experience first hand the effects of consumer lifestyle on wildlife. “It was pretty heartbreaking,” said the post. 

The video shows a patient Krasuin risking a serious stink bomb just to get the plastic cup off the skunk's head. The skunk was incredibly scared and confused by Krasuin's best intentions and did his best to run away. Krasuin held on tight and eventually, she was able to wiggle the cup free from the skunk's head before he was able to scamper off. 

Krasuin is now using this close encounter as a learning tool for the community. “Regardless if you are recycling or “doing your part” these animals are trying to survive and will still go through your garbage/recycling," wrote Krasuin. 

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This Burger King smoothie cup is similar in size to Tim Hortons Iced Capp cups. Cups like this may be garbage to you, but to an animal, they once held a tasty treat. Just like cutting up the rings on a six-pack, it is important to take the lids off these cups so an incident like this never happens again. 

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If Krasuin wasn’t there, this skunk could have easily suffocated when it was just trying to find some food!. “Pepé Le Pew Lives On,” said Krasuin.