When it comes to higher education, it's about more than just that piece of paper. Sure, you've worked hard for it; but it's what the piece of paper means that counts. And it means opportunity - job prospects, career horizons, employment that you love and that satisfies you. Let's be honest: we all know how the job market's looking right now. There's room for everyone to grow, but sometimes it feels like you just need to be lucky to get your foot in the door... that, or have the right background to allow yourself to flourish in the job market.  

Enter the British Columbia Institute of Technology. With some of the highest employment rates in Canada (to the tune of 96%!), the British Columbia Institute of Technology has programs spanning Entrepreneurship and Sales to Business Operations Management and Business Leadership

So, what contributes to BCIT Business' absolutely stellar 96% (!) employment rate? Well, their hands-on approach to learning, for one. BCIT mixes practical training into their education, meaning once you graduate, you'll have real-life experience and will be better versed to tackle jobs in your industry and establish a career.

For example, most programs at BCIT Business also offer internships, consulting projects and practicums so that you can really dive in and get some valuable work experience before you graduate. Instructors at BCIT Business are also industry experienced, so you'll be learning from a professional committed to giving their students the most practical and up-to-date training in their industries.

With programs like International Business Management and Broadcast and Online Journalism, you can just imagine yourself as some suit-wearing international business mogul - coffee optional. Or, picture your very own byline in your favourite publication! The possibilities are truly endless here!

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And, as if you weren't already hyped up, BCIT Business also offers programs like Graphic Communications Tech Management. This two-year program will prepare you to hit the graphic design industry in full-force, getting you ready for careers like production artist or graphic designer. 

Or, if you're super into the travel scene? BCIT Business's Tourism Management program can actually help you turn that passion into a serious career, prepping you for tourism-centric careers in event planning, social media promotion, and much more!

BCIT Business has a wide variety of programs to pick from, but one thing remains constant: you'll be getting hands-on experience offered by industry-trained professionals, and you'll be super ready to take on your dream career. Almost all BCIT programs offer an international exchange program, too, so you can reach for your dreams while discovering new things, as well! 

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