Right now, there are no confirmed cases of novel coronavirus in B.C. The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control says that the public's risk is low. The BCCDC said in a statement that they've officially "developed laboratory guidance for 2019-nCoV diagnostic testing," so now B.C.'s coronavirus testing is ready to go.

In the afternoon on Saturday, January 25, both B.C's Minister of Health and B.C.'s provincial health officer made a statement together about recent coronavirus cases in Ontario.

The statement says that the BCCDC "has developed a diagnostic test for this new coronavirus, and they are co-ordinating staff and supplies to ensure they are prepared to quickly and accurately detect potential cases."

They're asking health-care workers to "be vigilant and take a travel history for anyone reporting respiratory symptoms."

The Vancouver Airport has additional measures in place now to screen arrivals for the coronavirus. They include signage that says you must to declare to an officer if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Also, they have to declare if they've visited Wuhan, China in the last two weeks.

There may be no cases in B.C., but there are Canadians in Wuhan right now who can't get out.

A pregnant woman from Metro Vancouver is under quarantine in Wuhan and is unable to return to Canada.

All of the updated info and recommendations by the BCCDC are available online.

Narcity has reached out to the BCCDC and will update this story.

The Canadian Government's travel advisories recommend that Canadian travellers in China avoid "large crowds or crowded areas" because they can increase the risk of you getting sick.

In Metro Vancouver, two Lunar New year events were reportedly cancelled due to fears of spreading the coronavirus. While most events went ahead as scheduled.

Concern over the virus has led to stores across Metro Vancouver to sell out of masks. There's even a demand for them online right now, too.