Imagine floating out on the ocean inside an actual hot tub. You can actually do that this summer! BC's hot tub boat rentals are closer now than they've ever been with Hot Tub Boat Canada opening in Victoria this summer so we can get out on the water—in the water!

Hot Tub Boat Canada co-owner Tanner Mcleod told Narcity all about this new addition to your summer bucket list. As early as Saturday, July 6 you could be sailing out of the Victoria Harbour with your friends in a hot tub boat! Later this year, they're also launching in Vancouver and Kelowna and we can't wait.

Each hot tub boat cruise in Victoria will leave from the Upper Harbour and head up into the Gorge waterways. Your boat is cleaned and filled with fresh, chemical-free water before your voyage. The water is kept warm by an onboard stove so you'll be melting your muscles and worries away while cruising along!

Each boat cruise is fit for two to six people and comes with safety equipment. You have to be +19 to drive the boat but there's no boating licence required. Plus, everyone on board will get complimentary bottled water since it's important to stay hydrated while soaking in the tub. They even thoughtfully provide you with a Bluetooth speaker and dry bags for your phone so the party has tunes.

This is going to be one of the top new experiences this summer in BC! If you're heading to the states this summer for a road trip, don't miss out on a hot tub boat rental in Seattle.

Hot Tub Boat Canada

Price: $65 per person plus $35 boat fee for a 1.5-hour cruise

Why you need to go: Rent an insanely fun hot tub boat with your friends and cruise around the BC waters this summer!