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Beaucoup Bakery Vancouver’s Best French Bakery Just Made The Easiest 2-Minute Brioche Tutorial

You knead this in your life. Baking your fresh bread at home is so trendy these days. But if you are getting sick of making loaves of sourdough on repeat, there is a new recipe you need to try. Vancouver's best French bakery, Beaucoup Bakery just made the easiest 2-minute Brioche tutorial after we begged them to make us a video so we could be fancy at home.

Betty Hung, co-owner of Beaucoup Bakery, told Narcity that "novice bakers can definitely make this recipe." Though she recommends you use a stand mixer if you have one to save yourself kneading the dough.

Here in Vancouver, the bakery is known for its French-style pastries. Chances are you've gone in countless times to get your hands on their butter croissants or pain au chocolat.

Hung told us her passion for baking started when she was a teenager as she "was obsessed with turning humble ingredients into amazing treats."

Now you can get a taste of France at home by following their new simple video that will have you baking Brioche Nanterre this afternoon. 

So you might be wondering what is brioche? It's one of France's most famous types of bread, and every bite is pure joy. 

The loaves are delightfully soft and fluffy, with a sweet and buttery flavour.

We love it just plain for breakfast with a cup of coffee. But it's also incredible with jam, sandwiches or even as French toast.

Unlike some bread, this recipe is relatively fast to make too. After you've mixed everything to form the dough, you need to wait two to three hours for it to rise, and another 40 minutes for it to bake.

The recipe in the video can also be found in her cookbook French Pastry 101 if you prefer a printed version. Inside the book, you'll find 60 desserts like Eclairs and lemon Madeleines that'll have you drooling.

If you want to give yourself a real test, you can compare your skills to the master. Why not order one of their signature brioche loaves and compare it to the one you made at home?

Beaucoup Bakery is open Wednesday to Sunday, and you can also order their baked goods on UberEats.

Beaucoup Bakery Bread Tutorial

Price: Free

Why You Need To Go: You can learn how to make bread at home.

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