It is finally berry season! This summer you need to add berry picking with your BFF to your summer bucket list. It is the perfect way to enjoy the sunshine, and it is a super affordable activity too! All summer long, at this cute berry farm near Vancouver, you can pick your own sweet and juicy berries.

Located less than 30 minutes away from downtown Vancouver, Emma Lea Farms invites you to harvest berries in their fields to bring home. The incredible farm offers a massive assortment of fruit that you can pick, including strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries, tayberries, black currants, blackberries and blueberries.

Every day from 8 am to 6 pm you can pick your berries in the field. With so many types of berries available, there is always something available to pick until mid-August. The exact picking season per fruit type may vary depending on the weather, so it is best to check Emma Lea Farms' Facebook page for updates.

The approximate picking times:

  • Strawberries: June 5 – June 30
  • Raspberries: June 20 – July 10
  • Boysenberries: July 15 – August 1
  • Tayberries: June 20 – July 10
  • Black Currants: July 1 – July 15
  • Blackberries: July 1 – July 30
  • Blueberries: July 1 – August 10

At the farm, you'll also be able to shop at their stand where they have tons of local products for sale. Here you can purchase pre-picked berries available along with jam, honey, pickled vegetables, candles and flowers.

While visiting Emma Lea Farms, make sure to visit their ice cream shoppe, which is open from 8 am to 7 pm daily. It sells the most incredible milkshakes, sundaes, smoothies, parfaits and ice cream cones. After spending the afternoon picking fruit in the sunshine, their delicious strawberry ice cream is the perfect way to cool off!

Emma Lea Farms

Price: Pay for what you pick

When: Fields 8 am to 6 pm daily, ice cream shoppe and farm stand 8 am to 7 pm daily

Address: 2727 Westham Island Rd, Delta, British Columbia

Why you need to go: Berry picking is a super fun way to spend time in the sunshine with your BFF.