In a city where the rain just keeps getting worse and worse, the weather darker and drier, and deadlines and finals are creeping around the corner, sometimes you just want to get away from it all.

Sometimes, you just want to kick back and escape all the worries of the world. Well, these underground bars are exactly the place for that.

Descend into the depths of some of Vancouver's best subterranean bars and find a nice dark corner to indulge all your needs for relaxation or getting a little too turnt...and a good drink. If you haven't already heard of these low key but amazing lounges, I think it's about time you retreated into the lesser known underworld of Vancouver nightlife.

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Hello Goodbye // 1120 Hamilton St.

Opened just about a year ago, in place of where Killjoy used to be, Hello Goodbye's doors are seemingly unwelcoming without a visible entrance sign or glamorous lobby. But as soon as you are lured underground by the doorman, be transported to a hip subterranean oasis serving up well crafted drinks with DJs and live music for your late night escapades.

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The Prohibition // 801 West Georgia St.

With entrance doors like a dungeon and drinks that roar with the opulence of the 20s, The Prohibition at the Rosewood Hotel is a secret hide away for all your deepest desires for luxury and indulgence. Dress up in your fanciest attire, glide down their stately set of stairs into a dark room of live jazz, velvety pillows and forbidden libations. And did I mention there's an absinthe fountain? Yes, absinthe.

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Guilt & Co. // 1 Alexander St.

Guilt & Co. is probably the last personal live music venue where you can truly get to know local artists and hear what they're all about. Located just below Chill Winston, step down into the candle lit cave of live music and burlesque dancers. And by the way, cover is by donation!

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The Narrow // 1898 Main St.

Descend into a gothic styled basement through a completely graffitied metal doorway. Bask in easy drinking and low lighting, and if you're tired of that...they've got a colourful patio that is alive with quirky lanterns and $15 buckets. The Narrow is truly a place that will take you from night to day.

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The Diamond // 6 Powell St.

Okay, so I lied. This one isn't quite underground, but you do still have to walk up a flight of stairs to get to this second level bar. With exposed brick walls, rare top shelf liqueurs, a cozy vibe, and a view that overlooks the enchanting streets of Gastown, The Diamond really is a hidden gem. And don't forget to visit their backroom ?, they play sick future beats and hip hop.