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The Best Place In Vancouver To Buy Your Date A Sweet Treat

From handcrafted ice cream sandwiches to unreal cakes and pies.
The Best Place In Vancouver To Buy Your Date A Sweet Treat

Chocolate has been used as a sign of affection since more or less the beginning of time. From Valentine's Day, to birthdays, to thank-you presents, a box of chocolates is an oft-chosen gift used to express love and gratitude. But let's be honest: while a store-wrapped box of your favourite peanut butter daisies might be appreciated, when it comes to expressions of admiration from your significant other or friends, nothing beats sharing a fun, memorable experience together.

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Enter Lisa Lou's Chocolate BarThis whimsical little shop at 1007 Main Street may be inconspicuous from the outside, but once you enter its doors you'll be overwhelmed by the selection of hand-crafted delicious treats.

Lisa, who was lovingly nicknamed Lisa Lou by her father, has worked as a chocolatier for 15 years and studied under world-renowned pastry chefs both in Vancouver and abroad. At the store, Lisa and her team offer an array of astounding confections.

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From lemon squares to chocolate bars to handmade ice cream sandwiches and ice creams, everything at Lisa Lou's Chocolate Bar is done with creativity, precision, and, likely, magic - each item on the menu is beyond incredible. Lisa changes her treats along with the seasons, so there's always something new and exciting to try.

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Peanut butter and rum caramelized banana cheesecake, yes please.

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Unreal pumpkin pie, so perfect for this weather. 

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A tower of amazing ice cream sandwiches for only $5 each.

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So bring your date or best friend by for dessert, or else indulge in a majestic dark hot chocolate with caramel drizzle and go for a seawall stroll - if nothing says "I love you" quite like sugar, you'll definitely be getting the point across.

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