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This Is The Best Place In Vancouver To Eat For Under $8

Huge portions + cheap prices = the perfect ratio.

Vancouver has a dynamic restaurant scene: from a plethora of world-class restaurants to endless cheap, delicious sushi and Vietnamese spots, to a handful of amazing taco restaurants, to fusion food including sushi burritos(!!!)... you get the idea. We're real spoiled for choice out here.

But from my extensive research, I can say with more or less full confidence that this one little hole-in-the-wall eatery on Main St. is hands down the top spot in the city for filling, delicious, incredible South-East Asian food on the cheap.

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A counter service restaurant in a tiny, tiny room, Hawker's Delight Deli offers extraordinarily cheap plates with incredibly large portions of food. Order off the menus lining the walls, complete with photos of the dishes available - most of which are cooked in a giant wok in the little kitchen space.


A popular favourite is Hawker's laksa: thick wheat noodles served in rich coconut milk and garnished with tofu puff, chicken, fish cake, egg, prawns and sprout ($7.15). Other top dishes are the Nasi Goreng, a vegetarian fried rice dish with egg, onion, diced potatoes, tomato and yu choy ($6.50), and the vegetarian spring rolls - only $0.85 each.

Most of their dishes are so enormous that you can easily split a single plate with a friend (meaning lunch will cost you anywhere from $3-$5 for a filling portion of amazing Malaysian or Singaporean food!), or else take the second half to go for tomorrow's lunch.

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Who says Vancouver has to break the bank? If, like me, your cooking skills leave something to be desired, Hawker's Delight might just be the godsend you need to get you through the week. This little gem of a restaurant is a 'must try' for Vancouverites regardless of how thick your wallet is.

Open: Monday-Saturday, 12pm-9pm

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