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Flights To Las Vegas From Vancouver Are Cheaper Than A Fancy Dinner Right Now

Black Friday flight deals are 🔥right now.
Flights To Las Vegas From Vancouver Are Cheaper Than A Fancy Dinner Right Now

Black Friday used to be just a thing that our American neighbours did and it was all about storming malls and stores in an embattled frenzy to get a cheap television. These days, the unofficial Christmas of shopping is more like a lifestyle. It seems like every store, product and service now offer discounts and one of our favourite places to save money is with Black Friday airfare discounts. 

Swoop's Black Friday deals are ridiculously cheap this year. One of the best deals has to be their insanely low flights from Vancouver to Las Vegas for just $61 all in for one-way fares.

Usually, flights from Vancouver to Las Vegas are never truly expensive but this is the lowest price we've seen in a long time.

If you were interested in treating yourself to a weekend in Vegas in the near future, this Black Friday is the perfect time to snag cheap flights.

Trips to Vegas are indulgent and unforgettable. They're really fun to share with your s/o or your best friends, especially if you like to live it up. 

Black Friday is right around the corner on November, 29 and you can fill your suitcase with cheap Lululemon and a super discounted MacBook before you go on your trip.

Even if you're not much of a drinker or a gambler, Las Vegas is still a super fun destination.

Foodies and people who love to relax or people watch will have the time of their lives on a Vegas trip.

Here's How to Get the Deal

Fly on over to the Swoop website to check out their deals. The flights are from the Abbotsford Airport, just an hour from Vancouver, to Las Vegas.

From themed hotels and restaurants that make you feel like a kid again to drinking poolside and ordering room service in the mornings, a Vegas getaway is just what you need after a busy and hectic holiday season.

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