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You Need To Try These Epic Milkshakes With The Craziest Toppings At This Vancouver Pizza Joint

Including a milkshake with an actual piece of cake on top 🍰
You Need To Try These Epic Milkshakes With The Craziest Toppings At This Vancouver Pizza Joint

There's no shortage of incredible treats in Vancouver, but we are a little lacking in the milkshake department. Now, if you're looking for giant milkshakes in Vancouver, then you have to check out Firecrust!

The pizza joint serves milkshakes up with crazy themes and an insane amount of toppings. These buzzworthy treats are the ultimate decadence this summer and they're perfect for sharing.

There are five Epic Shakes to try at Firecrust, each more outrageous than the next:

  • Birthday Cake has a slice of cake on top and a ton of sprinkles
  • Kit Krush uses Kit Kat bars to make a candy bar milkshake like no other
  • Candyland is a sugar rush waiting to happen topped with half a dozen kind of candies and sweets
  • Badass Brownie is perfect for when you're craving chocolate
  • Fruit Loops is a breakfast of champions-style milkshake with a pop tart on top for good measure

Have the ultimate "treat yourself" day at Firecrust with one of their pizzas and a milkshake! Their Davie Street location is central located in downtown so if you're done chilling at the beach or just finished watching a movie, it's the perfect hangout spot for a casual bite.

Which milkshake will you get? Would you rather eat a piece of cake or a brownie on top of your milkshake? How much sugar is too much sugar? Find the answers to these questions and more by checking out the epic milkshakes at Firecrust.

Milkshakes At Firecrust Pizzeria

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Italian

Address: Downtown Vancouver, 808 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2S2 and Langley, 20160 Langley Bypass #40, Langley City, BC V3A 9J9

Why you need to go: Try all five of their epic milkshakes with crazy toppings the next time you're craving something sweet!


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