How do you one-up Vancouver's vast and thriving ice cream scene? It's full of artisan and vegan-friendly options. The next question to ask is "how do you build off that"? Well knowing Vancouverites, find a way to add alcohol in. And that's just what one crazy ice cream store did. 

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77k Freeze is one of Vancouver's premier nitrogen-based ice cream restaurants. They offer artisan personalized desserts that use honest ingredients, but a processing technology they claim to be "unlike anyone else in Vancouver.  

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Their latest claim to fame is what they call their "Dark Matters" series. The flavors are selected at the choice of the customer, and then using their flash-freeze process infuses any alcohol of their choice. 

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One of their most popular concoctions is the "Millionaire" (shown above). It's a mix of Absinthe, Grand Marnier, Whiskey, Grenadine and Fruits, turned into a boozy sorbetto and cream. It's the most liquor-crazy idea of the summer and we're all about it. 

Their "Dark Matters Xperience" is the perfect way to try out their insane flavors (and even create your own). They will be holding a special event every Saturday of August at their restaurant. The event takes place at 7:30 PM and is the booziest ice cream tasting of the summer. 

via @77kfreeze

If you want to try their traditional ice cream as well, they offer vegan-friendly and healthier bases, as well as low-fat and low-sugar options (while still making it taste amazing)! Upon visiting, it's truly your own custom flavor. 

For more information on their "Dark Matters Xperience" you can check out their Eventbrite or their facebook page