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Vancouver’s Best Views Of The Coast Are At The Top Of This Short 2 km Hike

Hiking is always a good opportunity to check out your local nature scenes. Though, it sure does level up the experience when the trek leads to a great view. In Vancouver, there is a short trail just outside the city that will take you to the Bowen Lookout point. A spot that will treat you to breathtaking sights of mountains, oceans, and islands all at once. 

This lookout point is situated near the Cypress Mountain Ski Resort.

It's just a 30-minute drive from downtown Vancouver, so if you're looking for a quick adventure, you've found yourself a winner. 

As part of the Cypress Provincial Park, stunning natural sights will be all around you.

Whether you like exploring the woods or you like to feast your eyes on ocean veiws from high above, the journey up the hill will be well worth your time. 

The distance of the hike is approximately two kilometres, which isn't bad compared to most hikes in the area.

However, it's a little steep, so make sure you're wearing your best pair of hiking boots. 

Honestly, just stopping for air and water during the hike will even be a treat because you can just use that moment to savour the deep-blue waters and the islands below. 

Most opt for this trail as opposed to the more lengthy trail up to St. Mark's Summit at the peak of Cypress Mountain. 

So if you feel like you want a bit of a challenge but you don't want to spend all your time hiking, then this is exactly the trail you need to map out right now. 

The first section of the trail is relatively easy; you can tread along lightly through the forest and take in the lush, B.C. greenery. 

However, as the wide gravel path begins to narrow, you will reach a wooden bridge that veers to the right. That's when the climb gets a bit steep. 

But honestly, if you've made it this far, there is no force in the world that can stop you from getting blown away by the epic views at the top. 

From the lookout spot, you'll be able to see Bowen Island and Howe Sound. The ocean doesn't look too bad, either.

And if you really want to make the most out of this point, time out your hike so you can either see a stunning sunrise or a spectacular sunset. 

There are no wrong choices here. 

According to Vancouver Trails, the hike up and down the mountain should take you one and a half hours in total, but when the scenes are this exceptional, you will want to absorb each and every step up the hill. 

Or you can set up a picnic at the top and just gaze down at the islands.

The lookout point is dog-friendly as well, so don't hold back from treating your doggo to the same unbelievable landscapes that you're dying to see. 

Bowen Lookout

Address: Cypress Hill, Vancouver, B.C. 

Why You Need To Go: Treat yourself to some lovely coastal scenes just 30 min away from the city. 

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