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Brutally Honest Breakdowns Of Vancouver's Fashion By Neighbourhood

What is Vancouver Fashion week even?
Brutally Honest Breakdowns Of Vancouver's Fashion By Neighbourhood

Vancouver is consistently named the worst dressed city in Canada. Sure, you can blame it on our ever growing yoga culture (thanks, Chip Wilson) but I firmly believe that it's our laid-back - lazy - nature that crowns us with the title.

Let's face it, we're no Paris, and while some neighbourhoods give it their best effort, it's lost among the sea of poorly dressed peasants who are rubbing their nickels together to make rent. Can you blame us?

Here's a list of Vancouver's street style broken down by region. #sorrynotsorry

Mount Pleasant

Blundstone and Birkenstocks. Accessorize with a road bike and an array of non-prescription glasses.

Commercial Drive

If those overalls aren't made of sustainable canvas you can't drum with us.


Over-sized coats that photograph well over cobblestone. It's not jay-walking if it's for Instagram.

North Van

Arcteryx windbreaker on plaid. Always prepared with hiking boots, toque, umbrella and sunnies in a Hershel backpack.

West Van

Ugg boots in every season. Aritzia everything. And way too many jokes about your ripped jeans from your friend's drunk uncle.


Yoga pants, flip flops, and a cashmere sweater worth more than your rent.

West End

Rainbow pins, a septum piercing, and okay, I'm pretty sure English Bay residents sign an agreement to wear roller blades and a bathing suit at least once a summer.

Granville Island

Where 'art expression' leaves the canvas and ends up on your head. Bonus points if you own a Cowichan sweater.


Beige suede ankle boots because this snowfall doesn't mentally register to the rich.

Coal Harbour

Pencil skirts and power-suits paired with Nike Frees.


Hello Kitty head to toe.


Hold on. What's the off brand of Aritzia called?


"I wear your granddad's clothes. I look..." Dirty.


Mall fashion at its finest.


North Face parkas, leggings, baby stroller, and a Starbucks latte (probably with soy milk) because you're a hardworking mom and you've earned it.


Where middle aged women wear designer clothing...on their dog walks.

Point Grey

Why are you even wearing clothes when you're this close to wreck beach?

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