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You Can Share This Massive Bubble Tea Hot Pot In Vancouver With Your BFFs

The craziest way to have boba! 😋

You've probably heard that Vancouver has off the chain hot pot and bubble tea, but did you know that we've combined them both into one insane bubble tea hot pot dessert? There's an adorable cafe in Richmond that's serving up a seriously decadent way to eat boba and it's meant to be shared with friends.

Avery Restaurant lets you experience bubble tea like never before. Served out of a giant hot pot filled with toppings like taro balls, fresh fruit, mochi and tapioca pearls, you can pour tea inside and then dish it out in little bowls to you and your friends. 

This hidden gem shop is bright white with luxurious decor and touches that make it look like you're both at Grandma's house and in Paris.

Vancouver is probably the coolest place in the world outside of Asia for bubble tea experiences.

We are also home to the Catoro Cafe where you can pet cats and sip tea. Plus, this November they introduced a limited-edition all you can drink bubble tea

Of all the unique tea experiences in the city, this is one that should definitely be on your bucket list, especially if you and your friends are obsessed with boba. 

Few places in the world have the same kind of bubble tea diversity that we have in Vancouver.

It's just one of the many reasons why Vancouver is a foodie paradise.

While there are dozens of amazing places to get bubble tea in Vancouver, only Avery is doing a decadent and fancy hot pot version.

If you have a serious addiction to boba and love to treat yourself, then this is the ultimate dessert for you. 

Avery Cafe Restaurant

Price: 💸💸💸

Cuisine: Asian fusion

Address: 112-4751 Garden City Rd., Richmond, BC

Why You Need To Go: Split a giant hot pot of bubble tea with your besties and live your best boba slurping life.

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