Bucket List Date Ideas You And Your S/O Need To Go On This Fall In BC

Fall = Romance!
Bucket List Date Ideas You And Your S/O Need To Go On This Fall In BC

Summer is fun and all, but we're under no illusions here. We know that Fall is the most romantic season! It starts to get chilly, the leaves start to fall and you hold your S/O just a little closer. 

In Vancouver and all across the Province, there are amazing things to see and do together. Everyone can use these date ideas whether your romance is just starting or if you're like an old married couple.

With Summer gone, it might feel like all the cool stuff is behind us now, but there are a ton of amazing dates you can go on in this Fall. From everyday luxuries to once-in-a-lifetime splurges—this list is full of stuff you'll want to put on your bucket list. 

Wolf In The Fog

Tofino's Wolf In The Fog restaurant creates artful dishes using locally sourced ingredients. Tofino is one of the most romantic places to go on a date in the province and Wolf In The Fog, with their warm and intimate West Coast-inspired dining room, is the most romantic spot in Tofino.

Palmer And Sons Pasta Classes

You'll gain a whole new appreciation for the love and effort that goes into hand-made pasta after taking this class! You can sign up as a couple for this small and intimate class. You're guaranteed to get messy and have a lot of fun learning together and playing with dough. Keep your eye out for their groupon deal that pops up now and then. 

Bike Through Strathcona

The historic Strathcona neighbourhood is so romantic in the Fall! The heritage houses and garden-lined streets are peaceful. The Adanac bike lane cuts right through Strathcona, but you should check out all corners of this East Vancouver spot. Be on the lookout for hidden treasures like cafes and galleries.

Neverland Tea Salon

Neverland's storybook-themed salon guarantees you a romantic afternoon full of whimsy. Delightfully mismatched china and floral print everything makes this place a special date for you and your S/O. Neverland's teas are seriously delicious like their almond flavoured Rooibos tea called 'Marzipanda'. If you're not down for a full high-tea menu, most tea salons also serve brunch which is a great way to sip tea and enjoy the ambience for a fraction of the price.

The Vancouver Maritime Museum

This museum in Kitsilano is tucked away in Vanier Park close to Kits beach and it's perfect for couples who love the ocean. Inside, you'll learn about the maritime history of Canada and Vancouver. If you watched AMC's The Terror, you absolutely have to come here to learn the real history of the failed Franklin Arctic Exploration. This exhibit is on loan to Vancouver right now and it's one of our most mysterious and horrifying historical events ever!

See French Cinema At VIFF

French cinema will put you in the mood for romance. Catch the latest and greatest films from France at the Vancouver International Film Festival. Every year, they have a special spotlight on France because they're consistently putting out some of the most evocative films in the world. 

Find A Cosy Hidden Bar Together

Discover a few of B.C.'s hidden, underground and tucked-away bars for a cosy date night. Imagine drinking craft cocktails in a warm lounge together this Fall. Check out our list of hidden bars in Vancouver for inspiration!

Hunt For Treasures At A Thrift Shop

I can't talk up thrift shops enough. They're good for your bottom line, good for the environment and good for the community. Plus, it's so rewarding to find a hidden gem at a thrift shop! Go explore thrift stores together this Fall and stock up on books, cosy sweaters and funky coffee mugs.

Warm Up At A Romantic Hot Spring

We're so lucky in B.C. to be blessed with hot springs all around the province! Find yourself at one and relax in nature's hot tub. Cuddling up in a hot spring against the chill autumn air should be on your bucket list this Fall.

Find An Adorable Small Town Together

Is B.C. the cutest province? I think so! We're full of quirky, artsy and adorable small towns with a ton of personality. Head out on a little road trip together this Fall and discover a nearby small town. There's no telling what you'll find but it's bound to be an adventure.

Go For Dessert

Eating-out can get expensive and eating-in can get boring. The solution? Head out for dessert together! You'll savour the experience more. Discover a local dessert spot, bakery or patisserie and treat yourself and your S/O!

Go To A Pumpkin Patch

Driving out to the countryside and roaming around the pumpkin patch is a necessary date in the Fall. Whether you want to carve up your pumpkin, sit it in your kitchen for an autumnal decoration or cook it up and eat it—everyone should get a pumpkin in the Fall. Learn more about where your latte comes from!

Plan A Couples Halloween Costume

If you're super into Halloween, then you probably already have an idea for what your costume will be this year. Couples costumes let you take your ideas to the next level. Go on a date to plan and shop for your epic couples costume to make heads turn this Halloween.

Visit The Provincial Capital

Going to Victoria is a good date idea in B.C. any time of year! Take a free tour of the parliament buildings and pretend to be a tourist in the provincial capital. It's more fun than you would expect and fills you with Canadian pride to see our democracy in action.

Have A Relaxing Spa Day

Rather than dropping a lot of money on a fancy dinner out, why not do something healthy for yourselves and enjoy a spa day? A detoxifying massage is good for everyone, especially if you and your S/O like to workout and have sore muscles.

Spend The Night At A Winery

Are you ready for the next-level B.C. wine experience? Book a stay at the winery! This makes so much sense and will keep you guys safe on the road. Check out the romantic Burrowing Owl Winery. Staying there is like staying in an Italian countryside villa. 

Find a Romantic Airbnb

For a really awesome date, save up this Fall and book a getaway at a romantic Airbnb. Whether you want a cosy cabin, a beach-front cottage or a sleek loft in the city—you're sure to find something amazing!

Chow Down At A Retro Diner

Get into the retro vibe of a diner in B.C. this Fall! Milkshakes, burgers and fries all taste better when they're served up with classic diner style and a good song on the jukebox.

Play Games Together

You really learn a lot about you and your S/O when you play board games! Check out a place where you can play games and eat dinner together. This date is perfect for new couples who are just getting to know each other. You can avoid any awkwardness by immersing yourself in the game and use it as a tool to connect to one another!

Shop For A Meal And Cook Together

Instead of getting caught up in the boring ho-hum of grocery shopping and cooking, why not make it special? Take the time to shop at a market together for fresh and local ingredients. Then, spend some time in the kitchen unrushed and unhurried. The experience of slowing down will make for an intimate meal together this Fall! 

Spend The Afternoon At A Bookshop

Going to a bookstore with your S/O is so much fun! You can have a contest and see who can find the weirdest book and show each other your crazy finds. Also, making the time to read your books together is a very sweet Fall date idea.

Find The Perfect Biking Trail

Squeeze in a final bike trip together before it starts to get too cold. No matter what your riding style, B.C. has a ton of routes and trails that would make for a romantic date. 

Go On A Couple’s Camping Trip

If you and your S/O love to get out into the wild, then you're probably already planning a sick camping trip together this Fall. Imagine getting cosy around the fireplace and snuggling into sleeping bags just the two of you. This date has to be on your bucket list!

Sleep In And Go For A Lazy Brunch

Looking to luxuriate with your S/O? Try this everyday luxury of having a good, long sleep-in and heading out to brunch. In B.C., brunch is one of our most favourite past times! Dig into a West Coast-inspired brunch full of fresh flavours and sip on a mimosa with your S/O this Fall.

Take A Seaplane Tour

Blow your S/O's mind with a seaplane tour! These small aircraft fly low so you can see B.C. from an entirely new view. It's very romantic to be surprised with a trip in a seaplane! They go from Vancouver to Victoria but they also offer short tours around Vancouver for an extra-special date activity. 

Go On A Chill Hike Together

Take advantage of those gorgeous Fall days by getting out into nature for a fun hike! You and your S/O don't have to be outdoorsy to accomplish this list of easy hikes. A little fresh air never hurt anyone and it's pretty romantic to hold hands on a walk through the woods. 

Explore Whistler

Whistler can get pretty romantic in the Fall! It's a lot more mellow this time of year than in the Summer or Winter so you can enjoy it more. Wander the village together and cosy up inside one of the hotel lounges sipping hot drinks by the fire.

Go Kayaking

Kayaking in B.C. is so amazing. You can see all sorts of friends who live in the sea like seals, fish and even whales if you're lucky. Why not take advantage of our beautiful coast more often? Rent a double kayak with your S/O and get out on the ocean. 

See A Live Show

Make memories together this Fall and catch a live show! See if your favourite bands and artists are coming to the Province anytime soon or just hit up the local pub that has live music. Seeing and feeling the music brings a totally new dimension to it and it really beats Spotify. 

Tour Local Wineries, Cideries And Breweries

Taste and discover the best in the province! Amazing breweries, cideries and wineries are always popping up and waiting to be found. You'll be the first to try their new harvest-inspired flavours. Take the time to visit one that you've never been to this Fall!


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