With summer coming up in a few short months, it can only mean one thing to Vancouverites: road trip to the Okanagan Valley! I for one am super excited because I just found out that my new roommate is the "heir" of one of my favourite vineyards. Okay, "heir" might be pushing it but we've got an in!

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We all need to satisfy our sweet tooth and just because Kelowna is small doesn't mean they don't have a slew of bangin' places to find sweet treats.

If and when you find yourself out of the grape leaves and into the city you might be like me and want to catch something sweet between your teeth. No fear, we've got you covered.

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Moo-Lix Ice Cream // 239 Bernard Ave

Get your ice cream fix at Moo-Lix where they have slushies, screamers, and at least 40 flavours on rotation at any given time!

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Annegret's Chocolates // 565 Bernard Ave

Chocolate lovers unite! With truffles, bars, and 3D chocolate molds to fit any occasion, anyone with a chocolate obsession needs to find their way to Annegret's...today.

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Sandrine French Pastry & Chocolate // 1865 Dilworth Dr

This is your one stop shop for cakes, pastries, and that macaron fix you've been searching for! You can find something for everyone with their selection of savoury pastries like croissants, quiches, and tourtières as well!

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Mission House Coffee and Cupcakes // 5315 Main St

What's better than coffee and dessert? I'll stop you right there because the answer is nothing. Mission House provides its patrons with just that, and would you just look at these cupcakes?! To die.

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Bread Co. // 363 Bernard Ave

Everything comes fresh at The Bread Company in Kelowna. From loaves to pastries, this is a great place to come for lunch and stay for dessert. I'll tell you one thing, I'm checking them out for their tangy lemon bar alone!

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Il Tavolino // 3200 Richter St

Gelato! Gelato! Gelato! The summers in Kelowna can get really toasty but Il Tavolino has you covered. Stop by for their array of authentic Italian gelato. If you're feeling particularly wild I would recommend the affogato: it's a shot of espresso combined with a scoop of gelato!!

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Berry Boom Yogurt Lounge // 1470 Harvey Ave

Build your own froyo! Nothing in this world is better than toppings. Sprinkles, cookies, cheesecake bitsssss! Berry Boom lets you top your froyo how you like but they also offer froyo on waffles. Seriously, I don't think I'd be able to leave this place.

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Waterfront Wines // 1180 Sunset Dr. 

You're looking to get fancy? I've got you covered. Enjoy dinner in this well-designed restaurant but stay for one of these decadent desserts. Ask your server to pair your wine to your sweet and then call me. It's a can't miss in Kelowna.

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