A Cafe Filled With Cute And Cuddly Bunnies Is Opening In Vancouver Soon

"Meet and treat" an adorable rabbit while you sip on a bunny-themed latte.
A Cafe Filled With Cute And Cuddly Bunnies Is Opening In Vancouver Soon
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You’ve heard of cat cafes, but have you heard of bunny cafes? It’s the same exact concept but instead of cats and kittens, you'll have bunnies to cuddle with as you sip your latte. A new bunny cafe is opening in Vancouver next year and if you fall in love with one, you can adopt it and take it home with you.

Although very popular in places like Japan and Thailand, Vancouver has yet to delve into the bunny cafe space. This one-of-a-kind new cafe will definitely get a lot of visitors. 

According to Vancouver Is Awesome, the adorable new bunny cafe is opening up next year in the city. Come spring, you and your friends can hang out with adorable rescue rabbits while you sip on bunny-themed beverages.

Not only will you get to meet these cute creatures, but you can also take one home with you. Every rabbit in the new bunny cafe will be looking for a forever home. 

Vancouver Is Awesome reports that the creators of Catfe, a cat cafe in the city, has teamed up with Rabbitats Rescue Society to bring the idea to life.

The new spot on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver will allow visitors to “meet and treat” dozens of fluffy friends with the hopes of finding a permanent home for the animals. 

The founder of Rabbittats, a B.C. based charity that works to save homeless and feral rabbits, is hoping that this cafe will boost rabbit adoption. 

According to the founder, Rabbitats is currently caring for about 350 rabbits. The cat cafe works in a similar manner and has actually helped find homes for 750 cats. 

At any given time, there will be about 20 rabbits in the cafe for you to snuggle with. 

These social creatures will be in a separate area from the cafe and will have lots of room to hop around in. 

Once you are done falling in love with the creatures, head to the cafe and take in a latte or two. The art on the coffee is, you guessed it, bunny themed. 

Vancouver is known to get some pretty epic themed establishments. From LEGO-themed pop up bars to nerdy paradises filled with video games, this city has something for everyone.

While the news about this bunny cafe is exciting, we will still have to wait a little while for details on its official opening. No exact date has been set but it is anticipated to open by Easter 2020. How fitting! 

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Stephanie Hilash
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