A nice vacation at a hot location sounds pretty appropriate right about now doesn't it?

Well, good news for all Vancouverites who are dreading this wet weather right now because, according to skyscanner.ca, round trip flights to Hong Kong from Vancouver are starting at $536 throughout the winter season..and further! China Eastern will be operating most discounted flights shown below, but options are not limited to China Eastern.

Whether it's your first time visiting this urban jungle, or your millionth time going back to the 852 to visit your friends and relatives, you're going to go happy knowing that you copped a cheap deal on your plane tickets.

via @discoverhongkong

via @discoverhongkong

Here are some of the dates we're looking at:

Select dates from late November to December

Example dates:

Nov 25 to Nov 27 - $536

Nov 25 to Dec 11 - $550

Nov 28 to Dec 6 - $544

Dec 5 to 12 - $548

Dec 2 to 13 - $550

...more dates available

Photo cred - Skyscanner

Select dates from January to March

Example Dates:

Jan 14 to 17 - $539

Jan 30 to Feb 13 - $556

Feb 19 to 27 - $550

Mar 1 to 10 - $554

...more dates available


1. Go to skyscanner.ca

2. Search for Vancouver to Hong Kong

3. Search for the select dates!

Happy hunting!