You Can Now Fly To Peru From Vancouver For $537 Round Trip

With the heavy rain starting reminding us that Vancouver winter is not far away, why not start planning a cheap trip to tropical Peru? Ever wanted to explore the ruins of Machu Picchu? Now you can take a break from Vancouver and escape to South America for a much lower price!

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According to Chris Myden of YVR Deals, Aeromexico has lowered the price of Spring 2017 flights from Vancouver to Lima, Peru to $537 CAD roundtrip including taxes.

Here’s how to book this steal according to Chris Myden: 

Go to Skyscanner or Momondo and look for a flight from YVR to Lima, Peru (LIM)

Try one of these dates:

Apr 25 to May 9

May 2 to May 16

May 9 to May 23 - $549

May 16 to May 30 - $549

Screenshot -

For more detailed search instructions on this promotion, make sure to visit YVR Deals for an awesome play-by-play delivered by Chris Myden! Thank you to Chris Myden for showcasing this awesome deal and more!

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