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You Can Now Get Chocolate Pizza In Vancouver So You Can Die Happy

Chocoholics can finally find solace in this Montreal-based all-chocolate-everything heaven. Opened just this January at 1047 Denman St, Cacao 70 is serving up chocolate covered, chocolate dipped, chocolate filled, chocolate drizzled, CHOCOLATE PIZZA! among many other coco-drenched sweets and treats.

Their 10 page long dessert menu features crowd-shockers, like their grilled marshmallows with graham crackers and (like I said) their triple chocolate pizza with strawberries, bananas and more melted chocolate, as well as crowd-pleasers, like their sweet banana split waffle and their extensive list of chocolate fondues. They also serve 9 different types of hot chocolate and 8 different kinds of chocolate milkshakes! Talk about sugar overload!

Just when you thought you couldn't do anymore with chocolate, Cacao 70 did.

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And say you're not really in for a something sweet but got dragged by your best friend with one heck of a sweet tooth, not to fear, there's something for you too! Cacao 70 also offers an awesome brunch menu that includes savoury French crepes, breakfast frittatas and omelets, salads as well as pressed sandwiches.

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And just because I'm a cruel, cruel human, I'm just going to leave a few more photos here to keep you salivating until you've been to Cacao 70.

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Drowning in drool yet?

Cacao 70 is open Sunday to Thursday 10am to 11pm, and Friday to Saturday 10am to midnight. So even if you've got an 11:30pm sweet tooth craving, they've got you boo boo.

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