Just Northeast the shores of Tofino lies a one-of-a-kind home—a floating man-made island. And you can visit it and see it for your own eyes. This is probably the ultimate DIY project.

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Their unique way of living isn't for everyone, but you can't deny that their craftsmanship, creativity and dedication is admirable.

If you've ever wanted to see what it was like to live off the grid, take a cue from this B.C. couple who made their home from the ground (or island) up.

Photo cred - Browning Pass

Artists Wayne Adams and Catherine King, a B.C. couple, have spent years building and living in their home sweet home—and it's super impressive, to say the least. Their humble (or not so humble) abode is called "Freedom Cove" and it was built in 1992. They live their full-time with their two children.

Want to see what it's like to live on your own man-made island? The couple loves having visitors who want to learn more about this self-sustaining home and the couple's unique lifestyle! You can visit with Browning Pass Boat Charters, who offers charted boat tours to this colourful floating home.

In true B.C. fashion, the house is self-sustaining, consisting of 12 platforms. The couple grows fruits and vegetables in their greenhouses and use solar panels and photovoltaic energy generators as their source of energy. During the winter, the couple collects rainwater for drinking. In the summer, their water source is a freshwater waterfall across the bay.  

The float home includes five greenhouses, a studio, an outdoor dance floor, art gallery, fire pit, and generator shed. It even has a lighthouse tower!

So what led to this unique, off the grid way of living? "One winter, a storm blew a whole bunch of trees down," Adams told The Huffington Post. "We gathered all the wood up, took it to the fellow who owned it, but he said keep it. So we thought, time to start on the home."

"This whole home is for the kids in our family to come and see what you can't learn in school anymore," Adams said. "When I was young, this is what you learned in school: skills. To share this with the community and young minds, that is the teaching here on the west coast." The couple has no plans to move back to the city. "This is how I will live for the rest of my life," King said. A living example of what it means to "float on".

Check out more photos below of this unique man-made floating home:

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