Talk about walking (or snowshoeing if you prefer) through a winter wonderland ❄️. Vancouver gets a beautiful snow day every now and then - but if you can't wait for the next snow day, a dreamy winter escape is closer than you think.

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Just a short 1.5 to 2 hour drive from Vancouver awaits the ultimate winter wonderland activity. You can walk or snowshoe alongside a surreal river and then cross over a unique suspension bridge. It's stunning all year round, but in the winter? It's a sight to behold.

Note: This trail tends to be covered with snow from late November to April, but check snow conditions before you go to be safe.

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Located in Whistler, the Cheakamus River boasts a surreal, snowy suspension bridge. The hike/snowshoe trail is off the Sea to Sky Highway.

There are several marked hiking and snowshoeing trails around the area that run along the river. Since the trail is fairly frequented, the snowy path is usually packed down and snowshoes are not always a necessity, so you can instead opt to just walk the trail.

If you don't want to go for a long hike, the Cheakamus River suspension bridge is only a 5 minute hike from the parking area for Logger's Lake. If you are looking for a longer hike through the forest and along the river, you can park at the winter trailhead parking, which is located on Cheakamus Lake Road, accessible by turning left on Function Junction and driving for around 300 meters.

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The suspension bridge gives one of the best views of the snowy, turquoise Cheakamus River that runs wildly below.

Logger's Lake is a short hike from the suspension bridge and sits within a 10000 year old, extinct volcano.

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After walking across the suspension bridge, you can walk along the trail to the Cheakamus Lake, which is also a snowy surreal sight.

There are many options for snow and fun filled adventures around Whistler, especially at Cheakamus River and Cheakamus LakeSo round your friends and go experience the beauty of British Columbia!