Canada Has One Of The Best Wine Regions In The Entire World

Okanagan Valley in Kelowna, BC named one of the best places to drink wine in the whole world in 2019.
Canada Has One Of The Best Wine Regions In The Entire World

Canada has been represented in yet another global ranking, and we're definitely excited about this one. Canada is home to one of the best wine regions in the entire world, according to a new rankingMatador Network, which is one of the world's biggest independent travel publishers, has released a list of the "most exciting places to travel to drink wine in 2019" and a wine country region in Canada has made it onto the list. 

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The Okanagan Valley in Kelowna was named as one of the top wine destinations in the whole world. Located in B.C., the Okanagan area is known for being the "Napa Valley" of Canada. It is a popular spot where B.C. locals, visitors from other parts of Canada and international tourists all flock to in order to visit and try some of the region's world-famous wines. 

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"British Columbia's Okanagan Valley is the rising star of North American wine regions, an expansive stretch of fertile growing terrain tucked between Vancouver and the Kootenays," reads the rankings from Matador Network. 

"The city of Kelowna anchors the region, a lakeside haven surrounded by vineyards and tasting rooms that offers easy access to the entire region."

BC's Okanagan Valley made the list! The 7 most exciting places to travel to drink wine in 2019 via @MatadorNetwork

March 27, 2019

Matador Network recommends visiting the B.C. town in the summer to enjoy both amazing wine and gorgeous scenery. "Summer is the best time to visit as you can work off some that cab franc with wakeboard sessions on Okanagan Lake and hikes through the surrounding hill country," reads the ranking. 

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The Okanagan was named sixth best in the world on the ranking. The town made it onto the ranks among other prestigious destinations famous for their wineries. Vevey, Switzerland took first place on the list, followed by Spain, and then Trento, Italy.

Check out some photos of the Okanagan Valley below. You're definitely going to want to book a trip to this destination after seeing how beautiful it is. 

Even local celebrities such as former ABC Bachelorettes Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jillian Harris have been spotted enjoying a glass of wine at Kelowna's renowned wineries. 

Kelowna is home to several world-famous wineries, such as Mission Hill, Quail's Gate, Summerhill and more. There are over 40 wineries all within a 20-minute drive in the region. Not only is the Okanagan known for its award-winning wines, but also for its spectacular scenery. 

To check out the full wine destination rankings from Matador Network, you can visit their website

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