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Canada Is Getting A New "Dementia Village" To Help Locals Suffering From Dementia And Alzheimer's

Canada's second "Dementia Village" is coming to Comox, BC to help support Canadians suffering with disease.
Canada Is Getting A New "Dementia Village" To Help Locals Suffering From Dementia And Alzheimer's

The news was released that Vancouver Island is getting it's first publicly funded dementia village to help support elderly Canadians suffering from the disease. This news is monumental for the elderly community and Canadians are happy to hear that BC will be getting its second dementia style village. 

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Last year it was announced that Langley, BC would be home to Canada's first "dementia village". While it's still in the building process, it gained widespread support throughout the nation. Now, Providence has announced their vision for another dementia village in Comox, BC located on Vancouver Island. 

If you're unfamiliar, the term dementia village refers to the original concept designed and implements in De Hogeweyk, Netherlands. The original village was modeled as a senior's care community where patients suffering from dementia were able to live in a more normal environment with others suffering from the same illness.

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This group environment subtly reinforces routine and healthy habits that help patients live a better quality of life in a safe and comfortable environment.

Via The Village Langley via  

The photos above show the sketch of what the dementia village in Langley will look like and how it currently looks during construction. The Village in Langley is meant to be a small community in a quiet neighbourhood where people with dementia can live in cottage style houses. 

According to Cowichan Valley Citizen, PRCC, which is part of Providence Health Care will take ownership of St. Joseph's hospital on April 1, 2019. Providence has agreed to work on a redevelopment plan for the area with a focus on seniors who are dealing with dementia and Alzheimer's. 

Via Google Maps

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Providence proposed that Comox build the new dementia village where the old St. Joseph's Hospital used to be. The St. Joseph's hospital is located just west of the downtown core of Comox and near the water.

CBC reports that Comox's dementia village would house nearly the same amount of patients as the original in De Hogeweyk, 116 patients. The original Dutch version houses 152 dementia patients. 

The Providence Health's Jo-Ann Tait states that they are looking into adding "additional health care services to be located in the village, such as support for caregivers and families, youth services and Indigenous health-care services." They'd also like to include a grocery store, a cafe, and a space for music inside the village.

The dementia village will be the first phase of a new larger health service plan coming to Comox by Providence Health. 

Sources: Cowichan Valley Citizen, CBC News

*Disclaimer: The cover image used in this article is for illustrative purposes only. The photo used is from the original "Dementia Village" in the Netherlands.

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