A Canadian Condo Owner Is Offering Free Avocado Toast For A Year To Millennials Who Buy Their Condos

Woodbridge Homes will also be offering only a 10% down payment.
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A Canadian Condo Owner Is Offering Free Avocado Toast For A Year To Millennials Who Buy Their Condos

We've all heard the theory that states Millenials could buy houses much quicker if they didn't eat avocado toast for breakfast. Well, one Canadian condo developer is really taking this seriously by offering free avocado toast for a year to anyone who buys one of their condos. In an attempt to appeal to the millennial market, the Kira project in Vancouver is offering this deal to anyone who purchases a condo within the first weekend of sales. 

Woodbridge Homes, builders of the Kira project, told CTV News that they are hoping the free toast offer could encourage young homebuyers to purchase a condo down in metro-Vancouver. Although free avocado toast for a year isn't exactly what you are thinking. Upon purchasing a condo, buyers will receive a gift card to a local restaurant that has the amount on it needed to order avocado toast one day a week for a year. 

Connor Redmond with Motive Marketing Group told CTV that the avocado toast cliche might just be sending the right message to millennials, "As much as its, 'hey, we will give you your avocado toast,' it's also, 'let's save up."

Of course, Woodbridge Homes are aware that millennials need more than just avocado toast to make them first-time homebuyers. Back in January, Narcity reported that Vancouver housing prices are the highest in Canada and many residents can't even afford to live in the city. 

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That's why the company also offering another deal on their Kira project. In another attempt to get millennial homebuyers, they have a limited to offer pay only 10 per cent of the downpayment. This is a decrease to the normal 15 to 25 percent downpayment that most condo units expect homebuyers to pay. 

Woodbridge Homes is hoping that this combination of incentives will encourage some new homebuyers to at least considering buying a condo opposed to leasing an apartment within the city. 

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On top of that, they are hoping the price and design of the condos will appeal to millennials too. They offer 1, 2 and 3 bedroom condos and the prices start at $399,900. These condos are also only a five-minute walk from the Skytrain and offer a variety of amenities. 

You can really tell that these condos will be tailored to millennials, offering certain amenities such as a rooftop lounge, fireside reading room and, of course, an outdoor courtyard for your pets.

So if you were thinking about condo purchasing, now may be your chance. Free avocado toast is something that may just encourage millennials to start shopping. 

The grand opening of the Kira project is on Saturday, May 4th at 12 PM.

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor
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