This Canadian mayor literally has zero time for litterbugs. In fact, this BC mayor had the most savage response when he witnessed a driver littering. The person threw a bag of Taco Bell out of their window, and the mayor was not here for it. In order to let his city know that these actions wouldn't be tolerated, he posted about it on social media to publicly call out the suspect! The response? The Internet is living for it and it’s absolutely hilarious. 

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Yesterday on April 2, 2019, Coquitlam mayor Richard Stewart took to social media after witnessing a littering incident to show everyone that he is not messing around. 

The BC mayor wrote a post on Facebook sharing with the public that he saw a driver throw their Taco Bell drive-thru garbage out their window onto Lougheed Highway at Chilko. Being a Good Samaritan, Steward pulled over and picked up the garbage himself. However, that's not all. He then took it one step further and his actions are hilarious. 

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In the Facebook post, Stewart publicly calls out the type of car that was involved. Apparently, it was an Acura RDX with a license plate "xxx-06A (for privacy.)” After seeing the driver throw out the garbage, the mayor quickly picked it up and dropped it off at the Bylaw Enforcement office. Stewart made sure to note in his Facebook post that along with the garbage, he also dropped off the full license plate of the car. Savage. 

Check out the post below! 

Stewart even said that the suspect can either pick it up from the Bylaw Enformcent themselves, or they can drop it off at their house, along with some paperwork. 

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He then goes on to add that littering and illegal dumping costs the city of Coquitlam hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, which comes out of the pockets of residents. 

Since the mayor posted this on his Facebook, people have been living for it. Many are condoning the actions of the mayor and saying that no one should tolerate litterbugs. Others are just surprised that a mayor has this much sass in them!

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As of publishing time, the Facebook post by Stewart has over 1,400 likes, 187 shares, and 241 comments! In fact, the post got so big that someone even reposted it on Reddit, where it has continued to gain widespread attention. The Reddit post about the mayor is getting a huge amount of love and has almost 4,000 upvotes and 162 comments, with many people praising him. 

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This should be a funny reminder to not litter. Especially since it has detrimental impacts on the environment, is costly for residents, and it also looks like there are mayors like Stewart around that are keeping people in check!