Rescue Dogs In Canada Need Volunteer Travel Buddies To Save Them From Cold Rural Areas

You can help a rescue pup get to its foster home safe and sound.
Canadian Travel Volunteers Needed To Help Rescue Dogs Get To Foster Homes

CAARE, a non-profit organization dedicated to animal rescue in Vancouver, BC, is calling on Canadian travel volunteers to help their dogs get to foster homes. The animal rescue group is looking for flight companions to help move the dogs from Winnipeg to BC. The reason for the initiative is to save the animals from freezing in brutal Prairie winters.

CAARE spokesperson Sara Gardner tells Narcity that the first step volunteers need to take before becoming flight escorts is contacting K9 Advocates Manitoba. From there, the non-profit organization will connect you with the appropriate parties to process your flight information.

Once processed, you’ll meet up with your new furry travel buddy two hours before your flight. “You’re met by volunteers who will bring all of the necessary items to make sure the dog travels safely onboard the plane. They also help to get all of the animals registered and checked in,” says Gardner.

After your flight, volunteers from the rescue shelter receiving the animal will meet you at the airport to take it to its new home. Simple as that.

Although all strays are vulnerable in freezing Manitoba temperatures, puppies are an even bigger concern for the organization. 

“Winter is fast approaching and our sister rescue in Manitoba is trying to get in or spay as many females as they can before they have puppies in -40 weather, as pups almost never survive more than a few hours even with moms heat," CAARE wrote in a Facebook statement. "We are hoping to bring in some of these pregnant females but can not do this without helping fosters in the Vancouver area."

According to CAARE, Manitoba suffers from an overpopulation of dogs. An issue that they hope to fight by advocating for spay and neuter programs and responsible pet ownership alongside their many rescue and adoption efforts across North America.

Those looking in volunteering should head over to the organization's website. All you have to do is fill out a form, select what area you would like to help out in, and you’re good to go.

Patrick John Gilson
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