BC Wants To Cancel Your Daylight Savings Time Nightmares Forever

The province is so over falling back and springing forward.
Cancel B.C. Daylight Savings Time: Province Makes And Brings New Legislation This Week

The province of British Columbia is done with the whole business of daylight savings time changes. B.C. is officially making moves to cancel turning the clocks back and forth for good and we could soon not have to worry about the time change at all. The move to cancel B.C. daylight savings time changes won't come in time for Sunday, November 3 when the day will have 25 hours.

According to CTV News, the provincial government is actually going to introduce legislation on Thursday, October 31, that would basically bring an end to changing our clocks twice a year in B.C.

Everyone has an opinion on daylight savings and the process of pushing the clock forward and back every year. When the province actually asked British Columbians to weigh in on the issue, 93% said that they were in favour of getting rid of the time change.

B.C. Premier John Horgan promised quick legislation in the aftermath of the daylight savings poll and it looks like he's delivering. If the legislation passes, then this coming time change in early November could be the last time that we "fall back" in B.C. Once the spring comes, we'd reset our clocks and leave it alone forever.

There's always confusion around when daylight savings is coming and if it's the "good" change where we get an extra hour of sleep for free or if it's the "bad" change when we get an hour of sleep stolen from us.

The B.C. daylight savings survey showed that most people (75%) were concerned about their health and wellness and that's why they wanted to scrap the time changes according to the press release from the Government of British Columbia.

For some, the time change is stressful. One tweet reads, "Brb having a meltdown bc daylight savings is coming." Others look forward to the time change so that they get more sunlight during the morning hours. Another tweet says that they can't wake up on time when it's dark outside.

*Narcity reached out to Attorney General David Eby for comment; his office released this statement: “the proposed daylight saving time legislation is based on a very successful public engagement process. A number of concerns were raised in the engagement, including staying on the same time zone as the west coast of the United States." We can expect full details of the new legislation to be released this week.

*This article has been updated.

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