A famous face from Vancouver is missing. No, it’s not Ryan Reynolds, but he is just as well known. According to locals on Reddit, Vancouver’s famous Canuck the Crow is missing as of Friday. The internet is freaking out and everyone is trying to look for him. 

Canuck the Crow is a bird well known among most Vancouverites. He has a general lack of fear for humans and will come up to almost anyone. His curiosity has gotten him into some trouble in the past, but he is just too darn cute to stay mad at! 

Throughout the years, Canuck has made some friends who look out for his wellbeing. One of those friends is Shawn Bergman who recently posted on his Instagram page that the familiar feathery face is missing.

Now, everyone is actively trying to look for the cities unofficial mascot.

According to Bergman, he has not seen Canuck since Friday at 3 p.m. Bergman told Global News that this was strange behaviour for the bird.

In a video posted online, Bergman has stated that no one has seen the bird and he has been unresponsive. He even tried whistling for him without any luck. 

In his plea for help, Bergman asks the public to keep an eye out for him and to take a picture if you happen to encounter him. 

“Please help, he’s missing and he’s family and we all miss him. And if someone has taken him please let him go,” Bergman says at the end of his emotional video. 

Everyone that knows Canuck is devastated and is hoping he returns soon. Many people are concerned that someone might have done something to the bird. 

Others are hopeful that he will return from his little adventure. 

Whatever the case may be, Bergman’s video has been flooded with positive messages about the bird and his best friend. 

Everyone is out looking for Canuck as he is not just a regular bird. Canuck has made headlines in the past for disrupting a crime scene by picking up a knife, sitting on the cop car, and just generally disrupting the scene. 

But that isn’t all! He is just like a person and has been spotted riding the SkyTrain and earning himself a job at PNE. 

Canuck is a federally protected bird as of July. As an identifying factor, he wears a numbered red band that classifies him as a wild bird and not a pet.