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Cartoon About Vancouver Winter Points Out That Vancouverites Are Total Babies

When winter rolls around, the weather becomes everyone's default conversation topic. No matter how harsh or mild the temperatures are, we all need to share stories about the cold, the roads, what we "hear it's supposed to feel like" next week, and the like. That said, some provinces get a whole lot colder than others, yet we all love to complain just the same. A hilarious cartoon about Vancouver winter pokes a little fun at Vancouverites for their reactions to the cold out west.

As we know, winter in Vancouver is not quite as brutal as it is out east. Even just in the next province over, Alberta tends to have far colder winters than British Columbia.

Geoff Coates, Art Director and Illustrator, created a cartoon to sum up how folks in Vancouver feel about winter. The cartoon depicts two frames. The frame on the left says "Vancouver," while the frame on the right says "everywhere else."

The Vancouver frame shows a man dressed in modest winter attire, a light jacket and a beanie, as some rain falls in the background. The "everywhere else" frame shows someone in a blizzard, icicles hanging from his bright red nose, totally decked out in winter layers. 

The men in the frames are both talking on the phone, presumably to one another. The man in the Vancouver frame has a speech bubble that says “Yyyeaaahh…but it’s a WET cold.”

Coates said to Vancouver is Awesome that he is a lifelong Vancouver local and he hears people saying this sort of thing every year.

He thinks it’s a way to excuse how cold Vancouverites get in the winter even though temperatures normally hover above zero.

from vancouver

The cartoon was posted on Reddit on Monday and has received nearly 400 comments since.

Many people in the comments agree that the "wet cold" really does chill you to the bone.

On the flip side, others are chiming in with comments like, "It goes down to -40° and below where I live in AB. I also lived in the Lower Mainland for about a decade. I much prefer the rain in Vancouver."

Though, for the most part, people agree that west cost cold hits hard. Even some Albertans agree.

"Edmonton-born, Alberta raised. Yup. The humidity makes the difference. The only people I know who make the "hur dur you don't know cold" jokes like that are those who have never been to the west coast and just see a number on the weather channel," one Albertan wrote.

If you've had the pleasure of encountering Geoff Coates' cartoons in the past, you'll know he's pretty on-point. His rendition of the "west coast no" is equally relatable.

Though we all love to complain about the weather, some weather experts predict a milder winter than usual in Canada this year. Though, we'll likely still end up complaining about it.

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