You Can Get "All You Can Drink" Bubble Tea At This Vancouver Cat Forest Cafe

Let's go right meow! 🐾
Catoro Cafe All You Can Drink Bubble Tea Is On Only This Month In Vancouver

Ever find yourself with a bubble tea, slurping up the final pearls and wishing for the experience to never end? This November, you can get all-you-can-drink bubble tea at a spot in Vancouver so you can finally over-indulge in the sweet stuff. As if you needed another reason to visit the magical Totoro-inspired cat cafe and bubble tea shop, Catoro Cafe in Vancouver is making your dreams come true one bubble tea at a time.

When we first heard about Catoro coming to Vancouver, we couldn't believe our luck. It's a totally out-of-this-world experience that seems way to cool for Vancouver. We're so lucky to have an eco-friendly, animal-friendly cat cafe in the neighbourhood where we can go get delicious bubble tea and some facetime with adorable kitties.

All you can drink bubble tea will set you back $15. Catoro has your favourite classic bubble tea flavours. We love "Foggy Cat" and "Pink Cloud." They even have a brown sugar series made with pearls that were slow-cooked in brown sugar. They also have a ton of fruit and even sparkling options if you're looking for something fresh and fruity. You can also sub cashew milk, making this a vegan-friendly option for bubble tea with your friends.

If you haven't' experience the magic of the cat forest inside Catoro, then this is a great excuse.

Inside Catoro, it looks like a cartoon forest full of frisky cats. There are dozens of cosy nooks where you'll find cats napping. There are tons of cat toys all over the room so you can have fun with the most playful cats.

If you love bubble tea, then you can't miss out on all-you-can-drink. It's actually a good thing that you can only get this deal in November because otherwise, we'd be in big trouble.

Catoro Cafe All You Can Drink Bubble Tea

Price: $15

Address: 666 East Broadway St., Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: Play with cats in the magical cat forest and drink bubble tea to your heart's content.

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