8 Big-Name Celebrities That Everyone Forgets Were Born in Vancouver

Including a "Stranger Things" cast member!

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Seth Rogen. Right: Michael Buble.

There are so many celebrities that everyone forgets were born in Vancouver — and you'll likely recognize their names and faces.

Sometimes it's hard to believe these big-time actors, actresses, comedians and singers all came from the city of Vancouver.

Most people know that Ryan Reynolds is Canadian, but his childhood was spent all over Vancouver.

Even one of the main characters in Stranger Things is Vancouver-born, which so many people may not have even realized.

We've curated a list to help you remember which celebrities are actually Canadians from Vancouver.

Some may even surprise you!

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds grew up in Vancouver, B.C. He is actually quite well known for being from Vancouver, even his Instagram name is an ode to it. Not only do his fans know how much he is into his hometown but other celebs have caught on to it as well.

Finn Wolfhard

The Stranger Things iconic actor, Finn Wolfhard, is from Vancouver, B.C. He is only 20 years old and has already become a big-time actor through the famous Netflix series and newest Ghostbusters movie.

Seth Rogen

The big-time comedian was born and raised in Vancity. Seth often mentions some of his memories from his hometown to his fans. On a recent episode of Hot Ones, Seth brought up some old embarrassing paintball stories from when he was younger.

Jessica Lowndes

The 90210 remake actress is originally from Vancouver. She is mostly known for her big role in the remake of the famous '90s series, but also for acting in many Hallmark movies.

Carrie-Anne Moss

Carrie-Anne was brought to fame thanks to the 1999 blockbuster hit The Matrix. She was a major character in the trilogy and has recently acted in some impressive shows like Jessica Jones.

Cobie Smulders

Cobie is a Vancouverite and she is most well-known for her character Robin on How I Met Your Mother. She even appears on a few episodes rocking a Canucks jersey.

Michael Bublé

Michael Bublé was born and raised in the Greater Vancouver Area. He is now a well-known singer, especially from his top track, "Haven't Met You Yet" as well as all his iconic Christmas songs.

The Scott Brothers

The Scott brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, grew up in Vancouver, B.C. These famous twins are well known for being the hosts of The Property Brothers. The two have such great and comedic personalities that it's no wonder they made it big time in the celebrity world.

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