When it comes to budget travel, the first place we look to cut costs is our airfare. If you're anything like us, you'll take your vacation whenever you can find the cheapest flights. We found cheap flights from Vancouver to New York that are so rock-bottom low it would be a shame to pass on this deal.

Right now, you can score roundtrip flights for just $227. Usually, a good price for YVR to NYC is about $500. 

The cheapest flights we found are actually for next year so that means you could put down $227 now and you'll have a year to save up and book your accommodation.

While NYC offers perhaps more culture than us here in humble Vancouver, Vancouverites can take pride in one thing that makes us just like them — our souffle pancakes.

We've been eating stacks of the fluffy deliciousness for years while the first NYC Japanese souffle pancake place just opened in October. Does that make us hipper than them?

Plus, we're is getting a brand new ice rink this year that will replace all the FOMO you feel because it will make you feel like you're at Rockefeller Center.

Even though we can pretend, there's no replacement for a real trip to the Big Apple.

Whether you've never been or you secretly dream of moving there forever — it's practically impossible to run out of things to do and see in a city like New York.

Here's How To Get The Deal

There are dozens of ways to find flight deals. Sometimes, not always, it's best to book straight from the airline to get the absolute lowest prices.

For this flight deal, you'll want to check out American Airlines' official website and look for flights from Vancouver to New York.

Their website is super easy to navigate and we found roundtrip flights for just $227.

There are a few catches with an airfare this low. First, you'll probably have one stopover. For our sample deal, ours was in Chicago. 

Plus, the New York airport you'll fly to is actually in Newark, New Jersey. You'll have to take a cab or the train to get to Manhattan. 

Still, this flight deal is basically less than half of what you'd expect to pay for these flights.

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